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Viking Lotto History

Viking Lotto History

The Viking Lotto (Veikkaus) started in March 1993 and was the world's first multi-national lottery, even preceding the Euromillions which started in Febuary 2004. The Viking Lotto, run by Norsk Tipping, was set up with the intention of attracting more players both old and new with it's much higher jackpots.

Starting with the lotteries of the five original participating Scandinavian countries - Denmark (Danske Spil), Finland (Veikkaus), Iceland (Íslensk Getspá), Norway (Norsk Tipping) and Sweden (Svenska Spel), the Viking Lotto proved to be a huge success. The addition of the Estonia lotto (Eesti Loto) in March 2000 made this Nordic lotto up to six participating countries and raised the already huge jackpots up even further. Consequently, the Viking Lotto commands over fifty percent of all lottery takings across it's member countries.

The Viking Lotto is known by many names - in Finland, it is known as Veikkaus, in Iceland it is called Víkingalottó, in Denmark it is known as Onsdags Lotto (Wednesday Lotto), in Sweden - VikingLotto and in Norway and Estonia it is known simply as Viking Lotto.

The lotto results are broadcast on radio and television in the member countries -
Estonia : Kanal 2
Denmark : DR1
Sweden : TV1, mtv3
Finland : YLE
Norway : NRK1
Iceland : Dagskrain RUV

Previously, as with most lotteries, you could only play Viking Lotto if you were a resident of one of the Scandinavian countries. But now, with the advent of genuine lottery ticket agents on the internet, such as theLotter, anyone can play - regardless of where you live.

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