Italian Superena Lotto
64.5 Million (EUR)
Thu, Oct 05, 2023

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How to Play the Superena Lotto

The SuperEnaLotto draws take place three times per week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

This lotto is a 6/90 lotto and in order to play, you need to pick six lucky numbers between 1 and 90. Match all six numbers with those drawn and you'll win the Superena Lotto jackpot!

The Superena Lotto starts at 1.3 million Euros and there is a rollover every time the game is not won. There is no cap on rollovers and therefor no cap on jackpot prize! Many rollovers have been seen in excess of 100 million Euros.

The Jolly ball is also drawn which boosts the secondary prizes. The Jolly is not required to win the Superena Lotto jackpot.

The overall odds of winning an Superena Lotto prize is 1 in 40.

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Up until the age of the internet and online ticket vendors, you had to be in Italy in order to buy SuperenaLotto tickets. Not any more! Now, thanks to internet technology, anyone can play the Superena online from anywhere in the world. This is done by using a certified online lottery ticket agent such as 'theLotter'.

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